Committed to
serving our clients
with the highest
level of quality and

Why Choose LucasWorks!

Customer service. A proven process. Consistent. Great reputation. Proven results.

What makes us different (in 5 quick points!)

  1. We are in the business of putting people first.

    We pay attention to the things that matter in your business and employment needs
    and create situations that are able to help you grow, one person at a time.

  2. We are on it.

    You can guarantee that we have done the work behind the scenes. Our longstanding
    experience in recruiting guarantees a ‘fit’ that has been tailored to your specific employment
    needs. We use specialized and in-depth screening tools to ensure that your candidates are
    outstanding as well as qualified.

  3. We listen and provide you with undivided attention.

    Customer service is what matters to us and so when it comes to our clients, you do not have to tell us twice. We keep accurate and up to date records of your needs and aim to be a seamless part of your business through the entire hiring process.

  4. We are accessible.

    We have state of the art tools to help you analyze every aspect of your human resource needs. We are here to help make hiring and human resource management easy, so that you can focus on the success of your business.

  5. We are reliable. You can count on us.

    We are a leader in our industry because we have a proven record of success. In addition, there is always an associate to answer your phone call “live” 17 hours a day.

Proven Results


Job fill success rate. This means that we can find the “hard to find” candidates for complex placements.


Candidate success rate means lower turnover and higher productivity for our customers.


Retention rate with our customers. This means that once we earn your business, we keep it by
exceeding expectations for customer service, delivery response time and quality of candidates.


Of our Temporary Associates secure permanent jobs.


Recruitment firm attracts the attention of qualified candidates.


Marks for compliance and safety related to Audits by the Ministry of Labour, WSIB and WorkWell.