Evaluation & Training Centres

Creative and innovative training solutions

Technology, personality profiling and specialized rating systems are key to our successful results. Web-based and accessible from any location equipped with internet access, our evaluation process allows us to become your most valuable asset. Respectful of time and your budget, we put our recruitment skills to work for you. We can test 1 or 100 people in a timely, organized manner and present the evaluation results to you immediately allowing you to evaluate the best candidate for your organization before you hire.

Skill Based Testing is available for many different jobs and responsibilities.

Our testing categories include:

  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Office/Professional
  • Multi-language
  • Financial
  • Industrial (Variety of Titles)
  • Tech Test (Variety of Titles)
  • Call Centre
  • Legal
  • MS Office

Work Personality Index (WPI) Evaluation

Used to assess soft skills such as; energy, ambition, attention to detail, initiative, persistence, etc. The categories for testing include:

Employee Selection

  • WPI Select Report
  • WPI Personal Effectiveness Report
  • WPI Career Transition Report
  • Sales Achievement Predictor
  • Stress Profile
  • WPI Leadership Competency Report

WPI Job Match System

Matching people with jobs has never been easier. Our convenient and flexible system allows you to customize the WPI for different occupations in your organization. The Job Match System then provides you with a Job Match Report describing your candidate’s overall fit.

Upgrade & Train

With all the new software and software upgrades it is important to ensure your employees can use the latest and greatest. We offer full on-line Tutorials for your staff.