Searching For A Job During The Holidays

By LucasWorks! on December 14th, 2017



Whether you’re unemployed and looking for work or employed but looking for a change, the holidays can be a great time to jump start your job search.  Contrary to popular opinion, employers don’t stop hiring just because it’s the holiday season.


Seasonal jobs, for instance, can be both a way to pay the bills and stepping stones on the way to potential full-time employment.  And with Boxing Day on the horizon, businesses are rushing to fill their job openings.  Although many employers gear up for the holidays in October, there are still plenty of opportunities for work out there.  The challenge is finding those opportunities and getting an interview.


Here are a few ways to enhance your holiday job search and get one step ahead of the competition.


Don’t slow down your job search


Some people give up job searching during the holidays.  Don’t be one of them.  Employers are still hiring and there may be less competition from other job seekers this time of year.  Additionally, companies that budget on an annual basis may have jobs they need to hire for now.


Use your down time wisely 


If you’re working at a company where the holiday season is a slow one, take advantage.  If you have vacation time you need to use up, schedule some networking or informational meetings.  It’s an ideal time of year to connect with acquaintances you haven’t been in touch with in a while.


The holiday season is a time of celebration and coming together.  Networking events and volunteer projects are plentiful.  Use these events to connect with others in your industry.  Once you’ve made these contacts, search on LinkedIn and connect with them.  After that, feel free to send a positive message thanking them for connecting with you and let them know that you’re looking for work.  These connections could lead to seasonal work or even a full-time job in the future!


Make a list – and check it twice


What do you really want in a job?  It’s fine if you’re just looking for something to pay the bills right now, but do you have a long-term strategy?  What do you enjoy?  What do you dislike?  What kind of manager and business culture do you need to thrive?  Asking yourself these questions can make your job search much clearer, paving the way for the New Year!


Are you currently searching for a job during the holidays?  If so, tell us some of your tips and tricks!


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