How to Succeed in Your Temporary Placement with LucasWorks

By LucasWorks! on February 1st, 2016


Did you know that over 40% of our temporary associates are hired into permanent jobs with our clients? Read our 3 tips below that you should follow during your temp placement with LucasWorks in order to successfully do the same:

1) Attendance – as a temporary associate this is crucial. The majority of our positions are temporary with the potential to lead to permanent hire. This means if a full time position arises at one of our client’s sites, they will often look to our temporary associates to fill that role. Attendance is crucial in being selected for hire by our clients. If you have an appointment scheduled, it is imperative to tell the staff at LucasWorks well in advance so we can notify the supervisors that you will be unavailable. With regards to calling in sick, be sure you call in a minimum of 2 HOURS in advance of your shift start time. This will show that you are a responsible associate and are ensuring the facility is not left short-staffed.

2) Attitude – your time as a temporary associate is your chance to show a potential employer how committed you are to your job and how you fit into the organization’s culture. Be prepared to work overtime when needed, ask your supervisor for additional tasks, and take the initiative to go above and beyond your job duties whenever possible. If training is involved in your placement, it is important to be on time each day, ask questions, and introduce yourself to your supervisors.

3) Patience – there may be layoffs or plant shutdowns during your time as a temporary associate and full time permanent hiring’s may take up to a year to occur at times. All of this means you must be patient during your assignment and understand the ups and downs associated with a temporary placement. Our associates DO get hired on by our clients and the employees who are patient and understand that some factors are uncontrollable are the ones that end up with full time permanent jobs in the end.

We work with excellent companies in the area and we have an amazing hire rate. Contact us today for more details on our temporary to permanent placements and get started on the path to a new full time role today!

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