Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say about LucasWorks!

To say we weren’t disappointed with LUCASWorks would be an understatement. Sometimes when you work in a hectic, fast paced environment you lose track of the nuances of service that slowly drop off. Working with LucasWorks, we were quickly reminded of what we had been missing. We once again were afforded the quick response times that were lacking and the increased caliber of employees. LucasWorks has been diligent in their efforts with our company and it has been a pleasure to work with them – not only on the day to day business needs but also on a few projects that they have gone out of their way to assist us with.

Denise Dumont, Director of Human Resources – Jamieson Laboratories

LucasWorks has worked very hard in supporting Vistaprint’s commitment to excellence by consistently providing us with quality people. LucasWorks has delivered and demonstrated exceptional service.

Shauna Hatch, Senior Manager, HR Operations
Joe Mammarella, Senior Manager, People Relations

I am happy to confirm that LucasWorks! provided a good selection of candidates from which we were able to select our new General Manager. LucasWorks! brought a depth of knowledge and experience in executive recruitment that absolutely worked to our benefit. I would be happy to elaborate on our experience with LucasWorks! at any time.

Brad Hammond – Oxford Small Business Support Centre

Lucas Works… a terrific way to get good employees in a hurry! In the short term and long term we have always appreciated our friends at Lucas Works. They have always been extremely professional and efficient when assisting us to fill those periodic employee gaps. The staff at Lucas Works are always ready and able assist you in finding good workers to cover whatever your needs may be! Thank you to Lucas Work for “being there” when we need you and we look forward working with you in the future.

Janice Hogan, Finance Manager – Suntrition