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Employee Profile – Jenn Eggett

By LucasWorks! on November 21st, 2017

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Jenn Eggett HeadshotMy name is Jenn Eggett and I am a Recruitment Specialist at LucasWorks!

After completing my Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor, I knew I wanted to further my education and use this knowledge to pursue a career in Human Resources.  I am currently enrolled in the Human Resources Management program through Fanshawe College where I will earn a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources.

As I was born and raised in Windsor, ON, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work for LucasWorks! and give back to the community in which I live.  I take pride in helping candidates find the work they are best suited for as well as providing clients with the best candidates for their business.  I am passionate about helping others and working for LucasWorks! allows me to use my education to benefit individuals on a daily basis.  As a leader in this industry, the professionalism and strong sense of community involvement that LucasWorks! is built on makes me proud to be part of their team!

Benefits of A Seasonal Job

By LucasWorks! on November 10th, 2017



Seasonal jobs are good for far more than just extra spending money or awesome discounts at retailers for holiday shopping (though, let’s face it – who could resist based on that alone?)  In fact, taking on a seasonal job can be a great stepping stone on the way to beginning or getting back into a career.


Here are some other benefits to having a seasonal job:


  1. Flexible Schedules – Are you a mom or dad who wants to be at home when the kids leave/return from school? Don’t like the typical 9-5 work schedule?  Many seasonal jobs offer a variety of schedules like days and afternoons or steady midnights.


  1. Try something new – Taking a seasonal job can be a great way to explore a new industry or career without making a long-term commitment, since most seasonal jobs last from November – January.  If you’ve ever considered a certain career path, a seasonal job will give you a sense for what the work will be like.


  1. Learn new skills – Even though most seasonal jobs last a few months, you will still gain new experiences and skills. These additional skills can help you to remain competitive when applying for future jobs.


  1. Get a great reference – Work as hard in a seasonal job as you would in a full-time, permanent position. Show off your great work ethic, talent and resourcefulness to earn yourself great reviews from your manager and fellow employees. You can use them as references in your continued job search.


  1. Networking – During your seasonal work, you’ll be exposed to many people. Some may be able to connect you with a hiring manager (or someone who can put you in touch with a hiring manager) and help propel your career forward.


  1. Opportunity for permanent hire – Companies sometimes keep a number of seasonal workers if they need the continued help and if those employees prove themselves as assets to the company. Your seasonal job could turn full-time after the holidays!

Check out or seasonal job opportunities here!


Approaching Your Job Search With Little Experience

By LucasWorks! on October 20th, 2017


If you’re a recent graduate or entering the workforce after an extended break, you know it’s a tough market for those with little to no applicable experience.  Keep reading for five helpful tips on how to approach your job search when you have no work experience.

1. Target Entry-Level Jobs

One of the best solutions for those with no work experience is often the most overlooked.  Narrowing your job hunt criteria to positions marked as “entry level” can help you find positions for which you may be otherwise qualified with education, personality or overall background.  Quality job sites will let you search for key works such as entry level, beginner, no experience required and more.  Use filters to narrow positions to a given location or field and be sure to set up email alerts to help stay on top of the most recent relevant openings.

2. Focus on Your Other Positive Qualities

While you may not have a great deal of on the job work experience, as a recent graduate you are likely chock-full of other positive attributes that may be attractive to potential employers.  From education to extra curricular experience, savvy hiring managers and HR professionals know that it’s often the presence of soft skills that make for the best long term candidates.

Consider reformatting the traditional resume or cover letter to call out skills and experiences that you may have developed in school or life generally. Being captain of a sports team indicates leadership and you should be sure to note if you coordinated team meetings, events or fundraisers.  Writing skills are highly demonstrable with that position on the school paper.  Debate, after school community involvement, self employment jobs such as dog walking, paper delivery and more all show off a variety of personality traits that may impress a potential employer and help snag that initial screening call or interview.

3. Consider an Internship

While typically an unpaid position, snagging an internship in a relevant field is a great way to bulk out a resume and score some valuable work experience in the process.  If you do manage to make it into one of these highly sought after positions, be sure to make the most of your time there.  Show up before your scheduled start and perform just as well as if you were collecting a paycheck.  In many companies and positions, internships are also chances for employers to vet potential long term employees ensuring a good work-culture fit.

4. Do Good with Volunteer Work

In a similar vein as internships, depending on your desired career path a volunteer position may be a great way to add valuable work experience that tips the scales in your favor during a later job interview.  Volunteering your time for a local community organization or charity is a great way to demonstrate you have a bigger world view and understand the value of personal contributions in society.

5. Networking

While we may have saved this helpful hint for last, there’s no discounting the first rate value of networking when it comes to finding a job with little to no work experience.  When a company is faced with a wealth of qualified and over-qualified candidates, a personal recommendation can often make the difference between being overlooked and brought in for that valuable in person interview.

Professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn are great resources for finding like minded individuals in your target field.  Check in with your school’s career services department as they will often also host events that pair established professionals with recent grads for mentoring and more.

When it comes to entering the workforce for the first time, job-seekers need to get creative in order to compete with those that may have more practical knowledge.  Use one or a combination of our above helpful hints to add to your resume and create alternative job-market entry ways.  Most of all, persistence pays off.  Keep building upon your education, practical skills and connections and before you know it you’ll be well on your way to moving on up the workforce ladder.

Preparing for the Inevitable ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ Interview Question

By LucasWorks! on September 22nd, 2017



“Why should we hire you?” is a common interview question that can take you down the wrong road unless you’ve done some thinking ahead of time.


During an interview, you are most likely going to be asked, “Why should we hire you?”  This is the interviewer’s way of giving you the opportunity to sell yourself.  Think of yourself as the product.  Why should the customer buy?


Plan ahead and develop a sales statement.  The more detail you give, the better your answer will be.  This is not a time to talk about what you want.  Rather, it is a time to summarize your accomplishments and relate what makes you unique when compared to other candidates.  The bottom line of this question is, “What can you do for this company?”


Start by looking at the job description or posting.  What is the employer stressing as requirements of the job?  What will it take to get the job done?  Make a list of those requirements and determine what you have to offer as a fit for those requirements.  Think of two or three key qualities you have to offer that match what the employer is seeking.  Don’t underestimate personal traits that make you unique; your energy, personality, working style and people skills are all very relevant to any job!


From the list of requirements, match what you have to offer and merge the two into a summary statement.  This is your sales pitch.  It should be no more than a couple of minutes long and should stress the traits that make you unique and a good match for the job.


What makes you unique?  Remember, no two people are alike so take some time to think about what sets you apart from others.


Design Group Staffing Inc. Purchases Windsor Based Recruitment Firm LucasWorks!

By LucasWorks! on September 12th, 2017




Design Group Staffing Inc. Purchases Windsor Based Recruitment Firm LucasWorks!


(Windsor, ON) September 11, 2017Maureen Lucas is excited to announce the evolution of LucaWorks! After thirteen years of building their business, LucasWorks!  has become one of Canada’s success stories. The Windsor based firm will become a part of the dynamic leader in the industry, Design Group Staffing Inc. (DGSI)   “Bringing the strengths of both companies together to serve the Windsor- Essex market will add expanded capabilities and expertise in this economy’s most important challenge, finding the right talent to build corporate cultures”, says Maureen Lucas, President of LucasWorks!


DGSI a leading recruitment and workforce solutions company, has acquired LucasWorks, an award winning recruitment firm based in Windsor, Ontario, which will bring additional benefits to clients and an expanded reach for talent.


Maureen Lucas, owner and President of LucasWorks! added, “Great advancements will continue to happen for Windsor based businesses. We are thrilled to become a part of another great company that is committed to our clients, temporary employees and internal staff that will leverage some of the creative and innovative solutions we have built over the years.  We have found this synergy in DGSI and Talentcor”.  LucasWorks! is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies that have a strong team and relationships in Windsor-Essex. Clients will continue to benefit from  the same great team and services  while gaining access to DGSI’s national network.


The growth in our region and the expanding marketplace becomes an attractive proposition for companies that want to become a part of a marketplace that is community based. Recruitment continues to be a growing and vital industry with more demands for a broad cross section of expertise. This evolution will allow us to continue to offer the best to our clients, and access to the best corporate resources and solutions such as technology, legal, marketing and of course financial.


­­ABOUT LucasWorks!


LucasWorks! is an award winning recruitment firm with offices in Windsor, London and Kitchener.  Recognized an unprecedented nine times for business excellence and growth by Profit Magazine, LucasWorks! continues to set new standards in the services provided in the temporary staffing industry. A main focus of LucasWorks!’ Corporate Vision is to be involved with local charities and organizations that the staff feel connected to, such as Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, The Jewish National Fund, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, and many others.




DGSI provides recruitment and workforce solutions through the following brands: Design Group Staffing, Inteqna and Talentcor.  DGSI enjoys a strong reputation in the industry through a number of awards and recognition. DGSI has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies each year since 1999 and has held Platinum Status since 2005. As a company, DGSI maintains ISO 9001 and COR certification. Staffing Industry Analysts ranks DGSI as Canada’s largest Canadian private staffing company, with branch locations across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax. More information is available at and