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Adaptability/Flexibility = Autonomy

By LucasWorks! on May 27th, 2014

Most would agree that the recipe for a successful business is to determine a need within the market and to fill it. It therefore makes sense that this cocktail would transfer over perfectly into the individuals that a company employs. This is the reason why it is so crucial for employers to not only look at the current skill-set of a potential candidate, but also their adaptability.

arrows According to Want your company to thrive? Hire adaptable people, many successful leaders within an organization have made their way into their roles because they were able to determine a need within their company and were willing to adapt themselves in order to fill this gap.

Not only does adaptability within your workforce allow for smoother changes in the working environment or the ability for employees to jump into unknown waters with less hesitation, it also will create a more productive set of workers. By allowing your employees to embrace their inner sense of adaptability, you are also creating empowerment among your workforce, which has been proven to increase productivity. “Empowered employees are not just proud of their work; they are more productive than their dis-empowered colleagues” according to Laura Stack, author of Empowered Employees are More Productive.

taking-the-leap When looking to fill voids within your organization there are a few key tips you should keep in mind. Firstly, you might be overlooking the best candidates. Just because they are already working successfully within another position at your organization, current employees should never be overlooked. Your current employees may be eager to adapt themselves to fill the void within your organization. Once you have exhausted this option, begin an external search but do not let yourself compromise on a candidate. Rather than looking only at a potential employee’s current skill-set, also focus your attention on their attitude, level of internal motivation, and potential for adaptability. Rather than hiring someone for the immediate job at hand, look at hiring an individual who will fit within your organization and who could potentially hold the ability to move into various positions within your workplace.

Once you’ve chosen your candidate and have them successfully established within their job, allow them to test the waters. Adaptability can only be accomplished through empowerment. Allow your employees to test those waters and take risks while always establishing open communication so that they know if what they are doing is being encouraged or discouraged. Sometimes these risks don’t always come with positive outcomes; but the outcome will never be known if a chance isn’t taken.

What do you think of this new age where employees are given more leeway to make decisions and take risks outside of their assigned duties?

Laura MacIsaac
Recruitment Specialist, LucasWorks!