Candidate Testimonials

What our candidates have to say about LucasWorks!

Working for Lucas Works has been a great experience from the beginning. Working with the staff and recruiter at Lucas Works i was pleased with accuracy of finding me a placement with my skills, with highly successful company’s. I found the staff at Lucas Works to be helpful, and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work for. I highly recommend Lucas Works for any future employment recruitment.

Justin Sterling, LucasWorks London

The staff at Lucasworks always went the extra mile to make you feel valued and appreciated and they constantly strived to help you achieve your career goals. The staff was also conscious of the financial burden some individuals carried and tried to help where they could. For example, they covered certain expenses, such as safety glasses. The staff equipped me with the necessary tools for success in every job assignment and in December 2011, I was fortunate enough to secure a full-time permanent position with a LucasWorks employer. Leaving the Lucasworks team was bittersweet but I knew that I had ultimately achieved what I had set out to do. My current position broadens my skill set and offers potential upward mobility in the future. I am very lucky to have encountered the hardworking team of recruiters and coordinators at Lucasworks.

Muna Hourani, LucasWorks Windsor

Last March, both my wife and I found ourselves in an extremely precarious situation; we had both lost our jobs of over thirteen years. Neither she nor I had ever experienced a layoff before, and within an instant, everything suddenly seemed uncertain. I looked into a general labour position at a local factory, through LucasWorks. By the end of the week, Lori had called to schedule an interview with myself, and the potential employer, Habitat for Humanity. I have now been in my role as store supervisor for over six months, and couldn’t be happier, with my new position, with LucasWorks staffing firm, and with Lori Moras, the recruiting specialist who went well above any expectations I ever had by
finding me my next career.

Derek Gungle

Working with LucasWorks was very enjoyable. The general testing and interview process was easy and professional. The staff worked
hard and fast to place me in my chosen field of work. I would absolutely recommend LucasWorks to anyone looking for
assistance with employment!

Lisa Kristman, LucasWorks Woodstock

I must say, Brenda Broughton is a true born recruiter with analytic skills. I had the pleasure to meet finally a recruiter that understands a job seeker journey and an employer needs by articulating a job role well-visioned. Nowadays it is hard to find a recruiter that understands the role as business analyst or project management making our journey as job seeker or employer even harder. My experience with Brenda Broughton was incredible and I was impressed how she managed the entire process with the employer by making the right research and having an amazing interview. As a professional I would like to recommend Brenda Broughton as your best alliance to find your right job, and I’m sure the employer will learn how they can improve their new job role posting using Brenda Broughton as a partner.

John Cano