Benefits of A Seasonal Job

By LucasWorks! on November 10th, 2017



Seasonal jobs are good for far more than just extra spending money or awesome discounts at retailers for holiday shopping (though, let’s face it – who could resist based on that alone?)  In fact, taking on a seasonal job can be a great stepping stone on the way to beginning or getting back into a career.


Here are some other benefits to having a seasonal job:


  1. Flexible Schedules – Are you a mom or dad who wants to be at home when the kids leave/return from school? Don’t like the typical 9-5 work schedule?  Many seasonal jobs offer a variety of schedules like days and afternoons or steady midnights.


  1. Try something new – Taking a seasonal job can be a great way to explore a new industry or career without making a long-term commitment, since most seasonal jobs last from November – January.  If you’ve ever considered a certain career path, a seasonal job will give you a sense for what the work will be like.


  1. Learn new skills – Even though most seasonal jobs last a few months, you will still gain new experiences and skills. These additional skills can help you to remain competitive when applying for future jobs.


  1. Get a great reference – Work as hard in a seasonal job as you would in a full-time, permanent position. Show off your great work ethic, talent and resourcefulness to earn yourself great reviews from your manager and fellow employees. You can use them as references in your continued job search.


  1. Networking – During your seasonal work, you’ll be exposed to many people. Some may be able to connect you with a hiring manager (or someone who can put you in touch with a hiring manager) and help propel your career forward.


  1. Opportunity for permanent hire – Companies sometimes keep a number of seasonal workers if they need the continued help and if those employees prove themselves as assets to the company. Your seasonal job could turn full-time after the holidays!

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